The Apple Valley Rebels' youth cheer program provides opportunities for both sideline and competition cheer. Our cheer teams are open to student athletes ages 5 through 14 who are academically and physically fit for participation. League ages are determined as of July 31st of the current year. Cheerleaders are allowed to cheer for the game team of their choice throughout the season. Placement on each competition team is determined by age and division eligibility.

All athletes participating in our program are required to make a full commitment to their team and their teammates. Participating in our program not only trains our youth for a future at the high school level, but promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and high academic standards. In addition to cheering for our football teams on game day, our cheer squads are also involved in competitive cheer competitions and clinics.

Practice will begin on July 22nd, 2019. Every cheerleader is required to complete 10 hours of conditioning at the start of the season. The first week of practice will be dedicated to conditioning, and will be Monday through Friday from 6-8pm. After conditioning has been completed, our cheer teams will only practice from Tuesday through Thursday from then on out. According to our Conference rules: "Cheerleaders will NOT be able to participate in competition if they miss more than 2 scheduled Conference games (or 4 halves)."

2017 Pee Wee comp team